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What is Pop Up Gaming?

Pop Up Gaming (PUG) is a unique live interactive experience marrying social interaction with immersive virtual and augmented reality. We want to continually develop our company and business model to ensure that the virtual reality experiences are always fun, exciting, engaging, and memorable. We defy convention and are unlike anything that came before and we look to push the interactive industry further.

The evolution of Pixel

Whether you are looking for consulting to get to a better understanding of new technology or a full turn key experience, we can help. From initial creative development to location shooting all the way through stitching and post production, PUG has years of practice perfecting VR video. Here at PUG, we also have vast experience with distribution: app development, headsets, web, or any combination required. The possibilities are endless.


Here at PUG, we offer a wide variety of services to get the perfect unique perspective for any project or event. For pricing and more information, please contact us. Click on an image to learn more about that service.

Mobile Carts

Mobile VR Carts

Four players per cart

Play together in our Escape the Room game!

Or use the carts to play any other VR content including Tiltbrush, the Ubisoft Escape Games, and more

Escape Room

Multiplayer Escape the Room

Four players per team, up to four teams competing simultaneously!

So many minigames, every play is a unique experience

Can be completely custom branded in game

Portable VR Solutions

Portable VR Solutions

Single and multiplayer VR set ups

Ready to deploy where needed

Comes with access to a variety of VR games and activities

VR Sales

VR and AR Sales Tools

Allow potential consumers to sample your product.

Can be used with clothes, accessories, cars, along with myriads of more possibilities!

VR Museum

VR Museum

Experience the evolution of virtual reality

From the early 1990s to the conglomerate that it is today, we have over 50 pieces of VP technology in our museum.

Spanning oveer three decades, our collection is one of the biggest of its kind.

VR Video

VR Filming

Get VR Filming and editing for your events!

A unique experience and perspective

VR Livestreaming available

Holo Fans

Holo Fans

Holographic signage

Single fan or full wall available

Customizable to your logo and needs

AR Goggles

Augmented Reality Goggles

Speciality goggles overlay reality with real time holograms

Drones and Rovers

Drones and Rovers

360 degree VR capture available via rover, human backpack, and aerial drone

FPV 360 Capture

Please contact for full specifications

Holo Chair

Holo Chair

A three minute race against time to disarm the chair.

Use augmented reality to find clues!

2-player or solo experience

VR Portfolio

Partners and Sponsors

Distribution Rights

Get the following through us!

End Clients and Celebrities

Awards and Proprietary Technology



Gameacon Winner: Best VR Game 2016

Proprietary Technology

US Patent 10,179,598: Mobile VR Cart

Patent pending: VR Glove over DMX 512

Various "Pop Up Gaming" Trademarks

Past Events

Video Games Live, Touring with since September 2013

ANTVR at E3, June 2015

Private Parties and Events Since June 2016

Electronic Entertainment Expo E3, June 2016

Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 Live, June 2016 See our interview here!

NJ ComicFest, July 2016

VRLA 2016, August 2016

NJ ToyCon, September 2016

Gameacon Atlantic City, October 2016, Award Winner

Derpycon, November 2016

West Milford Public Schools, December 2016

VRLA 2017, April 2017 with Rank 17


World’s Fair Nano Brooklyn, September 2017

World’s Fair Nano Brooklyn, September 2017 with HTC Vive

NYVR, October 2017 with HTC Vive

Art in VR NYC Brooklyn Event with NYVR, January 2018 with Jump Into the Light

Marc Jacobs Beauty Event at SoHo Grand Hotel, NYC, February 2018

Funny Books Comics and Stuff, Pop Up VR Arcade, June 2018

TN Miami, Maybelline Fall Show September 2018

Big Apple Comic Con, March 2019

NY Auto Show, April 2019 with BeTerrific

White Plains Mall Comic con, April 2019

Sidra Bell Dance Company, June 2019

Ulysses Nardin AR with Bombshell Productions, July 2019

Splendor by Dragone in Wuxi China, December 2019

Garth Brooks The Stadium Tour with MooTV, 2021

Kevin Smith VR- August/September 2021

NJ Devils Hockey, Holofan Jersey Launch Setup, December 2021

Christie’s Auction House Event with Creator Up, 2022

SNHU Graduation in VR with Prosper XR, ongoing support since April 2022

Stranger Things Season 4 Launch Promo NYC, May 2022

Christie's Auction House Gala with Creator Up, ongoing support since October 2022

Beyond Van Gogh and National Geographic's Immersive King Tut with Dreamland XR for Paquin Entertainment, ongoing support

Funny Books Comics and Stuff, FunnyRama Five It's Alive, October 2022

The Unreal AR Garden in San Francisco with Enklu

Continuing AR/VR/XR Education at the Cheshire Home, launched in April 2023

AWE Playground May/June 2023

The Event Planner Expo in NYC, October 2023

CEC Live Expo at Resorts Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, Exhibitor and Invited Speaker, November 2023

Pixel Explains XR

What is XR?

XR has become the blanket term to cover VR, AR, and MR.

What is VR?

Virtual Reality is an entire digital world created to be viewed in a special headset.

What is AR?

Augmented Reality is digital content to be viewed through a special device that overlays that content onto the real world.

What is MR?

Mixed Reality is a combination of both real world and digital content working seamlessly together.

What is the difference between 360° vs 180° VR Content?

360° allows the viewer to look all around them in any direction within a sphere while 180° only allows the viewer in the front half of the sphere.

What are the different types of VR content?

One type is a "live action recording." This is done with special VR cameras on location. A live action recording immerses the viewer as if they were there in person. Such experiences have minimal interactivity and are largely a viewing experience.

A second type of VR content are interactive experiences. These are created in 3D game engine software. Photo-realitstic scanning of objects and environments can be added for a more realistic experience. These experiences are meant to get the user involved.

What are different kinds of VR headsets?

Cardboard headsets are the cheapest and easiest option. A mobile device is placed into a special cardboard viewer with built-in optics. It is then held up to the face and the mobile device's accelerometer is used to track movement in the VR world. These can and should be used with personal mobile devices, making them great for entry-level VR experiences. Combined with the ability to brand and mass manufacture, these are take home souvenirs from events. These experiences are 3DoF (see below).

Tethered headsets are designed to work with PCS and graphics cards. The user is tethered to the machine via a cable transporting data and power. These headsets are the best in terms of power and graphical ability. Experiences in such headsets can be 3DoF or 6DoF (see below).

Mobile standalone headsets are designed to work by themselves out of the box with no PC required. In terms of power and graphics, these sit somewhere between cardboard and tethered headsets. Experiences in such headsets can be 3DoF or 6DoF (see below).

What other devices can be used?

Augmented reality requires special AR glasses or headsets. You can also use the camera on a tablet or phone to get a magic window into the digital world.

What is 3DoF vs. 6DoF?

3 Degrees of Freedom (3DoF) is content where it is possible to look around in all directions (up, down, left, right), but the user's position is completely static. Such systems do not require the user to be tracked. Most VR videos are 3DoF.

6 Degrees of freedom (6DoF) is content where it is possible to look around in all directions (up, down, left, right) and move your body around the space. These experiences are considered "roomscale" and require the user to be tracked. Most VR games are 6DoF.

What is Monoscopic vs Stereoscopic?

Monoscopic is 2D video, while stereoscopic is 3D video. Monoscopic video is normally higher resolution as both eyes see the same pixels. Stereoscopic videos have lower resolution, as both eyes see slightly different pixels. This pixel difference creates more depth and a 3D type effect.

What is spatial audio?

Spatial audio is audio that is tracked to the user's head position. If a person is behind the user to their left, the user will hear them in that location until they turn to face them. Upon turning to face the person, the audio corrects and sounds like they are in front of you, just as in the real world.

Do you have any other questions?

We are happy to answer! Please contact us.